Word of Mouth

“I believe that Josh and Tasha Via have been chosen and anointed by God to lead people to Him. This is evident to anyone who is around them and witnesses their humility, gifting and passion. It would be a mistake for you to not invite them to minister at your church or event.”

Jimmy Carroll,
Lead Pastor – Journey Church
Raleigh, NC



“Josh and Tasha are deeply committed to leading honest worship from a rich theological foundation in a way that honors God and edifies the local church. Oh yea, they are amazingly talented. What more could you ask for?”

Dave Hickman
Founder, CharlotteONE
Charlotte, NC



“May I commend to you Josh and Tasha Via. I have known this young couple for some time and have seen God’s hand of call and blessing upon their lives. They combine incredible talent with a Christlike spirit. They are particularly strong in worship leadership. I pray that you would give consideration to using them in your local ministry.”

Dr. Frank S. Page
Former President of the Southern Baptist Convention



“I have had the privilege of knowing Josh since 1998 and he has always had a desire to serve and worship the Lord Jesus Christ. When Josh and Tasha were married it was a beautiful picture of God bringing two people together to compliment the work that God had prepared for them to do for His Kingdom. We invited Josh and Tasha to be the worship leaders for our students on our annual winter retreat, and they did a wonderful job of leading our students in worship. Josh and Tasha are not only great worship leaders they are great worshippers of the Most High and that is what I appreciate about their ministry.”

Professor Jonathan Geukgeuzian
Liberty University – Center for Youth Ministry
Lynchburg, VA



“Josh and Tasha have been a huge blessing to the people of our church. I have worked with numerous worship leaders and bands through the years, and very few strike the balance of humility and strong leadership the way that they do. Josh has done an incredible job leading our house band. Honestly…it’s worth having Josh around just to experience Tasha’s unbelievable violin skills! They are a great team, and clearly have a deep love for God that naturally overflows as they lead worship.”

Chris Brown
Lead Pastor – Ridge Church (a NorthPoint Community Church partnership)
Charlotte, NC



“In an age where Christian music is known more for its catchy hooks than its solid theology, Josh and Tasha Via give me hope for an age of young men and women who love Jesus and biblical rightness more than they love music. Their talent is hot but their heart for God will catch you on fire!”

Dr. Ben Brammer
Lead Pastor – Parkway Baptist Church
Moseley, VA



“I have known Josh for almost 30 years and have seen God use him in so many ways. The thing that I can say about Josh is that he walks with Jesus. You will be blessed and challenged as you use him in your church. He has an incredible family that is a total support to him and you will be blessed by just being around him.”

Murrill Boitnott
President – Macedonian Call Ministries
Greenville, SC



“Josh and Tasha have such a gift to connect students with God. I can’t think of anyone else that I would want leading worship for my next retreat than the Via’s. Your students will be encouraged and brought closer to the Lord through the Via’s ministry!”

Mike Shelton
Lead Pastor – Twin City Church
Clemmons, NC



“Josh and Tasha Via bring traditional and contemporary together. Their love for Jesus is expressed in their sweet spirit and music, as they lead you to the feet of our Savior. Our teens enjoyed worshipping with them.”

Dave Frazeur
Student Pastor – Hampstead Baptist Church
Hampstead, MD