Dishwasher is a comin’ and other things

Dishwasher is a comin’ and other things

So, Wednesday is the big day. It will be delivered and installed! I think the first load will be all sippy cups. Oh, and for the record, Home Depot seems to offer the best of things. We checked out a non-chain store (machines were almost double, but good customer service), Lowes, Sears and the Depot. If you want more info., I can definitely fill you in on all of the minuscule details that will bore you to tears, but for some reason I find interesting.

On other notes , I was just getting used to my MySpace page, and now this one has me even more hooked. My poor online students are probably feeling neglected. I am much more motivated to play on this site than on others like Blackboard. Oh well.

I also believe I am nesting. I organized my kitchen towels, cleaned out my medicine closet, posted dosage signs in a couple of places and plan to reorganize the linen closet tomorrow. Ah, pregnancy where zeal for the boring is a way of life!

Love to you all, Deedee

PS: Tomorrow is Alex’s first day back to school. Please pray that it goes well.