Letter from Arizona

Letter from Arizona

If you’ve ever wondered what our ministry is all about, and what type of people it is who support it, here it is in a nutshell. This is a letter I received recently from a couple in Tucson, AZ who support our ministry. These are the kinds of people who make this happen. Normal individuals who love Jesus and love His Church.

“Dear Via Family,
It is such a privilege to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in such a way of supporting your ministry not only monetarily but prayerfully. We realize what we send is not a large amount, but it is heartfelt . . . I know our Lord Jesus can multiply this to encompass each–if He can expand the Hebrew language to where each individual person heard the gospel message in his or her own language, He can do all kinds of miraculous things in your ministry and in your lives . . .

Our church has a prayer request for you. We are in our Jubilee year–49 years of this church being in existence, which is a definite praise; but the prayer request is: In all of these almost 50 years we have had the same pastor who will be retiring this year. July 6th is his last day to preach. We are getting together a pastor search committee. Just pray please, that we will rely wholly on God for direction. This is a new venture for our church. We know God is in control; my prayer is there will be none who do not relinquish their control over to God. Pray we will be a humble people before Him. I want nothing. I want God’s control of my life.

Father, I praise You for all the blessings You have given to Your children. Thank You . . .”

Wow. That one statement has stuck with me since I first read this letter: “My prayer is there will be none who do not relinquish control over to God.” If we could have more people like this in our churches–people who will go to any cost to get out of the way of what God is doing–people with absolutely no control issues–people who have no desire for recognition–people who view themselves as deserving nothing–people who simply have a heart for God and want to follow His every step–then I think the Church of Christ will begin to be who God created her to be. Then barriers will fall. And the Gospel will penetrate hard hearts.