Oblivious Thanks

Oblivious Thanks

We’re in Roanoke, Virginia this week celebrating Thanksgiving and having family togetherness here with my incredibly large and awesome family. Last night before our very large Thanksgiving meal, we began with a family tradition that has been growing over the past few years. We began with a short worship service. I usually lead in a few worship songs and then someone will bring a word from the Lord. My brother, Jacob, challenged us all to remember that despite the circumstances of life and when it may seem like we don’t have a lot to be grateful for, God is constant. Nothing takes Him by surprise. And we need to be reminded that all we need is Him. He is the source of our hope. The source of our peace. The source of all true joy. No matter what curve balls life throws at us, we can rest in the knowledge that God is good, that He loves us with the deepest, truest love known to man, and that He is forever faithful. He is the source of true thanksgiving.

As I was writing this blog, my Mom made we aware of something that happened to Areyna earlier today when I was not around. And as I processed the scenario, I realized how perfect it fit with this concept of God being the source of our thanksgiving.

She was running through the living room today playing with her cousins when she tripped two feet from the stone fireplace causing her head to go careening into the sharp stone. Under normal circumstances, this accident would have sent us straight to the emergency room. Blood should have been everywhere. A massive scar should be on her forehead right now. But none of these results came to pass. Why? Because a few months ago, my parents took the time to install a custom-fit pad to cover all of the sharp corners of the stone fireplace. This padded covering saved us incredible heartache and saved Areyna incredible pain, both now and in the future. Though she was stunned for a few moments, she was back to playing with her cousins, completely oblivious to the bullet she had just dodged.

And isn’t this the way God interacts with us much of the time? He sets up barriers. He places safeguards around us. Hedges. Blockades to protect from danger, both physical and spiritual. Yet, much of the time we’re completely unaware of these layers of protection. Completely unaware of how many times He is acting as a loving Father as we continue with our routine, oblivious to His hand of protection and provision. Maybe we feel the initial brunt of the blow like Areyna did on the fireplace. And maybe we complain a little bit about how it hurts. But we’re soon back to our routine, unaware that the pain we do feel should actually be elevated 1000 times what we actually feel should He have removed His hand of protection.

If the economy has affected you this year, give thanks. Because it could be worse. If you have suffered emotionally, give thanks. If you have lost something or someone you love, give thanks–as hard as it may be. We can’t see behind the scenes. And we can rest assured that God, our loving Father, always knows what’s best for us. So give thanks for Him, in Him and to Him. Let Him be the source of your thanksgiving.