2-inch Lift

2-inch Lift

Vacation in Colorado was incredible. My father-in-law, Larry Litke and I went Jeeping up in the mountains one day. Un-stinking-believable how incredible it was!

(Quick commercial break: All you pastors and church leaders need to have Larry in your church to share about the ministry he’s a part of, Faith in Action. It’s an amazing mission organization that targets the hard to reach third-world countries and provides them with food, medicine and most importantly, the Gospel.)

Back to the story: Larry was born and raised on old Coloradian mining trails. But this was my first time to experience an off-road adventure of that calliber. Not to brag, but I think I handled myself pretty well. Even when I could look over the narrow edge to which our Jeep Wrangler clung and see the rocky crags hundreds of feet below, I didn’t wet myself. In fact, now I’ve got the bug. I NEED a Jeep. I can feel the back of my neck getting redder as I recall those big mud tires with a 2-inch lift (okay, so, I know that 2 inches is laughable to some of you Grizzly Adams meets Tim Westwood types, but give me a break, it was my first expedition) climbing over boulders like they were pebbles. Anyway, back to reality.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and we’ve hit the ground running again. We’re working on something pretty top secret right now that I can’t say much about, but let’s just say it involves a recording studio.

This week we’ll be at Ironbridge Baptist Church in Richmond, VA for their Youth Challenge Week. Tasha and I will be leading worship each night, so please say a prayer for us and for the youth of Ironbridge to be radically changed by the power of the Gospel.