Sunday was exhausting, but rewarding. We led at Ridge Church in Matthews both morning and evening. Sunday morning we led with Brandon Berg, Skylar McNabb, Brett Banks and Trenton Starnes–all great guys who really love Jesus.

We played:
1. Send Your Healing (J & T)
2. At the Cross (Pocket Full of Rocks)
3. The Stand* (Hillsong)
4. Came to My Rescue (Hillsong)

*Prior to leading The Stand, I shared briefly from Joshua 24:14-15, where Joshua comes to the end of his life and draws a line in the sand for his family declaring, “as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” And it’s interesting that he made this declaration at the end of his life since he was on his way out. Yet, he still understood that in the remaining hours of his life he still had a responsibility to lead his family–to lead them to follow the Lord unwaveringly–no matter what the rest of the people decided to do. In the midst of foreign gods, and things that beckoned for the attention and affection of the people, Joshua said they were going to follow Yahweh all of their days. I challenged the people to do the same. To stand for and with their families for the cause of Christ–no matter what the rest of the world does–no matter what their friends do–no matter how difficult it may get at times–no matter what they may get labeled as. It doesn’t matter. We’ve got to stand for truth–God’s truth. In the midst of a world that has raised the middle finger to God, we’ve got to stand for Him.

On Sunday night we had a full night of worship. It was a great night. Andy Cherry, Sara Scott and myself shared in the leadership. Tasha, Scott Spruill, Tim Morrison, and Brett Banks also shared in the evening. A ton of friends came out to support the night and an offering was taken to go toward various mission endeavors, both at home and abroad.

Our never-ending setlist included:
1. Salvation Rising (J & T)
2. Center of It All (Tim Hughes)
3. Indescribable (Laura Story)
4. Mighty to Save (Hillsong)
5. Faithful (Steve Fee and Kristian Stanfill)
6. Holy (Andy Cherry)
7. Carried to the Table (Leeland)
8. Your Love is Strong (Jon Foreman)
9. Amazing Grace/Chains are Gone (Tomlin)
10. I Stand Amazed/How Marvelous