The weekend services at Journey Church were perhaps some of the best that I’ve had the privilege of being a part of in quite a while.  The Lord is definitely stirring up the people at Journey–maybe preparing us for something.  I feel like we’re on the cusp of something big–like God is just ready to open the floodgates of His blessing, His presence and His power, in our midst.

We finished up a mini-series called “Supernatural”– a series on spiritual warfare. Jimmy preached from Ephesians 6 about the spiritual armor.  Some great takeaways were:

  • –“Stand firm” – we’re not called to fight. We’re called to stand. We’re not needed in the fight.  The battle’s already been won.
  • –Our only job is to stand – CF Jn 15 – “remain in Me.”
  • –Positionally I am in Christ, but practically I am capable of stepping out of the protective armor of God.  Not that I lose salvation, but I open myself up to the enemy’s attacks.
  • –A.W. Tozer – “the paradox of love” – refers to the fact that I am positionally “in Christ,” but I must continuously surrender my life to Him.
  • –Prayer doesn’t prepare you for the battle; prayer IS the battle.

We worshiped in song to:

1. The Time Has Come (Hillsong)

2. Run (Hillsong)

3. Glory to God Forever (Fee)

4. Shout Unto God w/ The Same Power (Hillsong)