A Slobbery 11-Month Old Evangelist

A Slobbery 11-Month Old Evangelist

I think that some of the best witnessing opportunities come when they are altogether unplanned and unrehearsed. Here’s one such example that happened to our family 2 days ago that is definitely worth sharing. Actually, I can’t take any credit for how it happened. My 11-month old son, Ezekiel, initiated the conversation. Here’s how it went down.

On Wednesday, we loaded up our little family and caught a plane for Denver, Colorado to visit Tasha’s family here in Colorado Springs. As we waited at our gate in the Raleigh/Durham airport, we sat near a mom and her 2 kids. I let Zeke crawl around to get out some excess energy while playing with a small keychain attached to my carryon. Inside the keychain is a little rubik’s cube-type object known as an evangecube. You may have heard of it. It’s a small cube that twists and contorts to form various cartoon pictures that you can use to explain the Gospel with someone. Zeke enjoys chewing on it.

As Zeke crawled around gnawing on the evangecube, he wandered over to the little 4-year old boy next to us. The boy saw it and was immediately enthralled with it. He began looking at it and twisting and turning it to form the various scenes of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. The divine appointment had come – he began asking me about the pictures on the cube. Well, actually, he was asking Zeke. (At 11 months, he’s already telling people about Jesus. That’s my boy!) With his mom in immediate earshot, I explained to him what each picture meant and how Jesus was killed for our sin, but 3 days later God raised Him back to life.

A few minutes later, Tasha and I began to have some casual conversation with the boy’s mother. Again, the Lord moved the conversation toward spiritual things as she asked me about the tattoo on my wrist. Bingo, one of the very reasons I got the tattoo in the first place. I explained to her the meaning behind the Hebrew text, that it is derived from Isaiah 44:5 and it means “The Lord’s.” I told her how it’s a reminder to me that I belong to Jesus Christ and that He is my God, the One I live my life for.

The conversation then began to shift gears as she explained to me that she was fascinated with all religions and currently she was studying Hinduism. I asked her if she had investigated Christianity very much and she told me how she had been raised in the gay community and was shunned every time she stepped foot in the doors of a church. From there I just began to encourage her not to give up on her search and not to give up on Jesus. I gave her a card that I keep in my wallet that directs people to thekristo.com. I told her that it could help answer a lot of her questions and misconceptions about who Jesus really is. She told me that she would check it out. I pray that she does.

Her name is Brooke. And she is searching. She is searching for the truth. She’s searching for answers. To me, Brooke is the face of billions on this planet who know deep down in their heart that God exists. They just don’t know that they can have a personal relationship with Him through the person of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for Brooke in her search. And pray that God will open your eyes to those divine appointments that He brings in your path everyday. I thank Him for how He used my little son to open the door. I thank Him that this was one of those appointments that He helped me notice. But no doubt there are hundreds that I miss all the time.