Calvary and Peyton

Calvary and Peyton

This past Sunday night we had an exciting time of worship at Calvary Baptist Church in Rocky Mount, NC. This was a great kick-off to our new ministry as our first official booking. There was a great spirit of worship in that place and a great turnout despite the adverse weather conditions.

And of course, lest we forget, the night was topped off by Indy’s 38-34 come-back win over New England. Man, I wish I could strum the guitar at the level Peyton throws the football. Not with the same strength or torque, mind you, lest I punch my fist clear through the soundhole and out the exterior body concave. But, shall I say, with the same degree of excellence and amazingness. Yes, amazingness. He’s so unbelievable. You know, Peyton was asked one time,

“What advice do you offer teen(s) who are pressured by friends to do drugs?”

He responded,

“You have to choose your friends wisely and try to keep yourself out of difficult situations. Rely on your faith, family & friends.”

Man, now that’s amazingness. You can read more of such questions and responses on Peyton’s site.

But anyway, Ben, you’re doing an awesome job at Calvary. Keep it up. Thanks for having us down.