Catch up

Catch up

We are ending the week better than we started. Dad got the new hard drive for his computer on Monday afternoon and has spent the rest of the week reloading EVERYTHING. I think he is almost finished.

I had met a lady in water aerobics who loves gardening. I had said something about needing advise for flowers. So, after class on Monday she took me to a nursery then we went out for lunch. She is really a trip. She’s older than I am, looks and acts like a PE teacher (but she taught English), and has a very colorful vocabulary. It was fun being with her. We went to a good Mexican restaurant, so I am taking Dad there tonight.

Janet said that she felt bad that just the two of us never got to do anything together, so we met for lunch on Tuesday. I came home, tutored, then went to Vanessa Golden’s. We had she and her husband over for dinner a couple of weeks ago. She makes jewelry and she wanted to show it to me. Almost five hours later I came home to a very hungry husband. To see all of her stuff was overwhelming, but so much fun. Besides Vanessa there were three other ladies there.

We finally got set up with a dentist. We both had appointments this week. I don’t think I have ever had such a through check-up and cleaning. It took 1 1/2 hours. I left with a terrible headache and just didn’t feel like I could make it through church that night, especially on the hard folding chairs. So, dad went alone.

This was our second week of Bible Study. I really have a wonderful group. Everyone had done their lesson, and their comments and discussion were excellent.

Today I was with Mother for several hours, because Janet had a doctor appointment in Denver. We met Kay for lunch. In the course of the conversation I was telling Kay that our chiropractor had recommended an incline table. The one I had looked at costs $500.00. Well, we were just about back to Janet’s when Kay called and said she was at a garage sale and thought she had found an incline thing like I was talking about. So, I turned around to check it out. I don’t think it is as fancy as what we saw at Relax the Back, but for $50.00, I think it will do the job. It had never been taken out of the box. Thank you, Lord.

Next Friday I am going to Women of Faith with Kay, her girls, Brenda, Mary, and April. 8 of us in two motel rooms. Should be interesting. I’m not sure if I am looking forward to it or not. Guess it will be a good bonding time.

Miss talking to all of you. Maybe this weekend or next week.