Graham Parker, the next Tomlin

Graham Parker, the next Tomlin

Just got back from Round Oak Baptist Church in Fredricksburg, VA with my dad. Had a great week of ministry. We finished up last night with a bang. Dad and I did “All That Glitters” live. It turned out pretty good, although I knew what the songs should sound like with the full band. But the acoustic version sufficed I guess. (Apart from the guy doing the singing 🙂 But the Lord used it nonetheless and there were about 6 young people who committed their lives to Christ. It was a great way to finish up the week.

One of the highlights of the week for me came in the most unexpected way by a 10-year old boy named Graham. Graham was one of the boys saved last night. But earlier in the week he approached me with a sheet of paper in his hand, explaining that he had written a song for me. Here’s what he said:

Dear Josh,
During your song tonight, you said everyone should have a song. Here’s my song that I wrote after revival tonight:

“The Everlasting God”
By Graham Parker, age 10

The Everlasting God in heaven will defeat Satan at the end of the earth;
During our time on the earth, we shall rejoice God’s name.
The Everlasting God will never end and He shall win the war against Satan.
Jesus will come back down to the earth and it will end;
But the Christian life will never end.
And the Mega Almighty will never, ever end;
And the Mega Almighty will never, ever end.


Thanks so much Graham. Keep your eyes on Jesus, and I hope you write hundreds more of these.