Have a Laugh…

Have a Laugh…

So, upon having the privilege of taking my boys to the OB/GYN yesterday, I thought I would come up with a top five list of ways to know you are pregnant.

You know you are pregnant when…
1. You get to pee in a cup EVERY doctor visit.
See if you can figure out who made these responses: “You go potty? I so happy a you.” “Why do you have to do that?” “Eww…”

2. The term “verbal bluntness” takes on a whole new meaning.

3. You would think there would be a hunger unknown to man, however, dinner holds no appeal. Wait, is that cookie dough I smell? Oh, and pass the chocolate.

4. Shaving and toenail painting require a hip shift to the outside and then a leg lift.

And, no. 5. Your boobs get so heavy, your bra starts to squeak!!