In Jesus’ Name, Meow

In Jesus’ Name, Meow

“It’s not in my job description.” We’ve all heard this quoted in movies and in real life. I’ve noticed in my short one and a half years of parenting, this phrase has all too often become a mantra shouted from the rooftops. “I don’t do diapers with raisins or corn!” “I don’t do 3 am!” “It’s not in my job description to do ________.” Fill in the blank. But I’m learning. I’m slow, but I’m trying. This morning, such an instance reared it’s head.

One of the many things that Christian marriage and family classes and books fail to tell you is that during your personal Bible study and time with God, you will be interrupted on a frequent basis. NO exceptions. As I was drinking my coffee this morning and trying to spend time with the Lord, Areyna decided that she needed some of my time as well. She lets me know this by dropping subtle hints. She climbs on me like she’s scaling Mt. Everest, and apparently my face makes for a great foothold.

As I’m making out about every fourth word of Colossians 4, straining to see through Areyna’s extremities, I finally catch the hint. So, I put down my books and crawl down to her level in her play corner in the living room. She climbs in my lap and proceeds to hand me her A-Z animal book, declaring “meow” every time I turn the page.

It’s then that I begin to explain to her that daddy has more important things to do like exegeting Colossians 4 so that I can learn how to be a better father to her.

No, of course I didn’t do that. I looked into her beautiful eyes and thought to myself, “This is it. This is time with God. This simple act of playing and communicating with my daughter on her level is a means to access with God that no hermeneutics class can teach you.”

Amazing! I found fellowship with Christ by reading animal books to my daughter. I love being a father and I love being a follower of Christ.