Lover of the Guilty

Lover of the Guilty

Here’s “Lover of the Guilty” from this past Sunday at Journey. Co-write w/ Andy Cherry. Journey Worship original.

Lover of the Guilty – June 13, 2010 from Journey Church on Vimeo.

Lover of the guilty, restorer of the filthy, Lord, hear our cry, won’t You hear our cry
Father of the orphan, healer of the broken, Lord, hear our cry, won’t You hear our cry
With these hearts of stone, melt and make them as Your home

Father, into Your hands we surrender
With praise pouring out for the wonder that You are, holy God
Redeemer, You purchased our hearts for Your pleasure
As we stand in Your grace our desire’s for Your name to be praised

You gave pardon to the guilty and garments to the filthy, You heard our cry, God, You heard our cry
You gave honor to the orphan and mending to the broken, You heard our cry, God You heard our cry
Lord, our hearts You’ve changed, now we bless Your name

We are falling at the feet of the Lord Most High, You heard our cry