Passion Week – Questions and Denial

Passion Week – Questions and Denial

Passion Week

Day Four – Wednesday

Scripture Passage: John 18:12-27

Parallel Passages in other Gospels for further reading: Matthew 26:26-56, Mark 14:12-52, Luke 22:14-53

Questions and Denial

Thoughts from Jimmy Carroll:
It is one thing to have someone disagree with you or misunderstand your intentions or actions. It is frustrating and disappointing but in the end, you move on because you know who you are and what you are all about. It is a completely different thing to have a trusted friend who knows you, betray you. This can bring feelings of loneliness, abandonment or discouragement.

Jesus had been traveling for three years, telling anyone who would listen, who He was and what He was all about. He never tried to hide His identity or His mission. After three years of proclaiming and proving Himself as the Jewish Messiah and as the Son of God, the religious leaders still did not believe or accept Him. Of course, He knew how He would be received and yet, I think that He still felt the frustration and disappointment. Peter is a whole different story. This was the disciple that was always first to speak and act. He was the one who said, “I will follow you anywhere…I would lay down my life for you”. He was more than a follower of Jesus, he was a friend to Jesus. Again, even though Jesus knew and even predicted Peter’s repeated denials, it must have hurt Him deeply. Could Jesus hear Peter denying Him right outside the door or did He just know it was happening? Could He even focus on the accusations of the ones who did not accept Him or was He consumed with sorrow over being betrayed by a friend just a few feet away? This was not the first time that Jesus had felt pain or sorrow but it had to rank at the top of those experiences. The sound of the rooster signaled the fulfillment of a prophecy and the beginning of what would be a painful and lonely weekend for Jesus.

Some questions to think about:
Who was Jesus and why did He come? Do you know His mission and purpose? Have you ever accepted Him as your Lord? Have you ever denied Him with your life or actions? Like Peter, you can repent and be restored – What is keeping you from following Jesus with your whole life?

Suggested Direction for Prayer:
God, thank you for Jesus. Thank you that you allowed Him to endure hurt and disappointment and even death for me. He willingly endured this and laid down His life to bring me to you. Please, convict me if I ever misrepresent or mistreat Him with my words or actions. I want to honor you and I surrender my whole life to you now and forever.