Resurrection Songs

Resurrection Songs

Over the past two to three years, Tasha has been patiently prodding me to do a legit kids’ record (I’ve got cattle prod wounds everywhere to show for it). And so, after much ado, I finally caved. And I’m really glad I did. The timing was finally right. Beginning last week, I went into the studio with Kurt Masteller engineering, and Jordan Leino and Patrick Downing collaborating with me and adding their incredible talents to the mix. I met with Kurt a couple of months ago about the idea of doing a project with him to help raise support for and awareness of our adoption, and he was all about the idea–not like he has a ton of time to just sit around and listen to me record silly kids’ songs. I mean, this guy is going above and beyond the call of duty, pouring heart and soul into this project while he somehow holds down a full-time job and raises a family. It’s unbelievable how he and the rest of the guys (and their families) have bought in to the vision for this little project. Tasha and I are incredibly blessed to have friends like these who believe in the call of God on our family to both adopt and to use music as a tool to reach people with the Gospel.

So, it has begun. Yesterday we released online ( the first of what will be seven tracks on the record–all Scripture memory verses put to fun melodies that will hopefully not only be helpful for children to learn the Bible, but will not be annoying to parents to have to listen to over and over again.  Trust me, we’ve got plenty of those kinds of CDs laying around our house. We don’t need any more.

This project is called Resurrection Songs and each week (most likely, every Wednesday) during the 40 days of Lent, we will be releasing a new song.  Each Scripture song ties in with each week of Tasha’s book called So Much Bigger Than The Bunny. This book is a great resource for families to teach their children what Easter is all about, and how to incorporate fun family activities to drive home the point. This is also the reason for these Scripture memory songs–another tool for your tool belt as you help disciple and raise your kids to love Jesus and to know His Word.

Please go check out these tunes at Each track is .99 cents and will go to help fund our adoption. Eventually, we’ll release them to CD, but I’m sure it will be a little while before that happens. So, for now, we’re grateful for your support with us and we’d be happy for you to share them with as many friends and family as you possibly can. We are grateful for your participation with us in the Gospel.

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  1. […] Resurrection Songs – Josh in our worship pastor and hands-down, one of the most talented song writers/musicians/vocalists I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.  For real.  He is producing a kids rock album to make Scripture memory easy and fun for kids.  The album compliments So Much Bigger Than The Bunny (written by his wife, Tasha), putting each week’s memory verse verbatim into songs that stick with you.  Jordan has been working with Josh on this project, playing drums and keys for the track.  It has been an absolute blast for him!  This isn’t your typical kids album.  Adults will want to rock out to these tunes as well!  Non-cheesy kids music.  Love it!  Proceeds also go towards their adoption from Uganda. […]

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