Summer Fly-By

Summer Fly-By

Well, here’s a fly-by look at our summer.  The first week of June we joined the students of Ingleside Baptist Church (of Macon, GA) at Myrtle Beach for a week of camp. We always enjoy leading worship for this incredible church.  We had the privilege of partnering with Dr. Alvin Reid from Southeastern Seminary.

Beginning the fourth week of June, we were gone for three consecutive weeks leading camps–all three in Myrtle Beach. The first with Next Level Church and Ridge Church of Charlotte.  The second with Green Meadows Baptist of Winston-Salem, and the third with Journey Church.   It was a crazy three weeks of non-stop action, but we saw the Lord do some great things.  We saw many students come to faith in Christ and many more commit to following Christ with more passion and fervor.

The third week of July I was with my buddy, Cameron Wooten, in Greenville, SC leading worship every evening for his students.  It was a week of service projects and getting our hands dirty.  And along the way, I was kept quite entertained by the many humorous church signs literally on every corner–after all, it is Greenville, the heart of the Bible belt.

Meanwhile, Tasha was back in Raleigh with her small group helping to get the new Journey warehouse ready for worship.

The following week, we packed up the family once more and headed back to Myrtle Beach for our last week of camp–this time with the students of First Baptist Church, Whitsett, NC–an amazing bunch of students with a passion for Jesus. After a week there, we packed up and headed back to Raleigh to celebrate Micaiah’s 1-year birthday and to continue helping to get the new Journey warehouse ready in time for the first worship service August 15.

All in all, it was a great summer. Incredibly rewarding, yet physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally draining.  I discovered that 6 weeks on the road for one summer is about my limit! But I am incredibly thankful to the Lord for the fruit that He allowed us to see and to be a small part of.  This past weekend, we were blessed to be a part of the first official worship service in the new space at Journey.  It was an amazing weekend, and the best is yet to come.  Thanks for your prayers and support.