The Godliest Man I Know

The Godliest Man I Know

There’s a man I know who walks with Jesus closer than anyone else I know.
Here’s a quick laundry list of why I know that:

This man was a pastor for 13 years who consistently preached the Bible as God’s infallible Word and lived out what he preached at home. For him, there was no disconnect from the pulpit to the home.

After pastoring, this man began a worldwide ministry which continues to this day reaching thousands of souls for Christ around the world each year.

This man spends hours a day in constant communication with the Lord, journaling his thoughts and prayers to His loving Father.

This man devours God’s Word with the passion of someone dying of starvation. It is his lifesource. He eats and breathes the Word of God.

This man carefully weighs his every thought, word and action as one ever-aware of a watching Heavenly Father who is involved in the intimate details of such mundane activities of life such as eating, breathing, talking and listening.

This man loves his family more than his own life. He would die for his family. Truly.
He loves his wife. He adores and honors her as Christ loves His own bride.
He loves his children. He supports them in life-changing decisions like careers and marriages.
And he walks with them through not-so huge problems like pimples and hair color.
And if his family is mistreated or attacked, this man has the backbone of a stegasaurus to stand up for them with no regard for his own reputation.

This man walks consistently in the humility of Christ. He embodies Philippians 2:5-11. Never have I heard him boast of personal accomplishments or successses. Never have I heard him respond in anger, jealousy, or pride toward any person or situation. Never have I heard him react to negative situations in a negative way.

This man takes seriously the commission of Christ to reach the world. If cars never existed and there were no living soul within a 100-mile radius, he would share his faith with a tree. If there were no trees around, he would share with the grass, or hills. If he still had no success, he would put on his running shoes and begin the 100-mile journey. He is passionate about taking as many people to heaven with him as he can.

This man is my best friend.

This man is my hero.

This man is my dad.