Time for everyone to be well

Time for everyone to be well

This must be medical week for our family. Dana, so glad you are doing better and home. We continue to pray for COMPLETE healing.

Dad’s surgery was this morning. We got home a little after 12:30, and he is doing fine. I imagine tomorrow and the next day will be pretty rough. The nurse was very helpful in the tips she gave us for his recovery. She said that her husband had this same surgery last year and the term “blue balls” took on new meaning. (because of bruising)

I went to Blockbuster and got a stack of pre-viewed movies to add to our collection. As soon as we got home and he got settled he popped in Turner and Hooch – of course.

Grandpa had some surgery yesterday and is hopefully going home tomorrow.

Tomorrow Joe goes into the hospital for some long awaited tests on his lungs.

Another snow storm is supposed to roll in tonight.