Tracking "All That Glitters"

Tracking "All That Glitters"

Last week we began tracking for All That Glitters, our latest CD project. This is my Dad’s brain-child. The idea behind it is for it to be a musical journey of the Gospel. There are 7 spoken-word pieces narrated by my Dad, Rick. Following each narration, there is a song that portrays a bit of the theme from each section. Each song is pretty unique, offering a slightly different genre of music so as to appeal to a greater number of people to reach them with the Gospel. Pray for the final stages of this project as we finish up overdubs in the next 2 weeks and then move on to mixing. Pray that the Lord will use it to reach people with the Gospel who normally wouldn’t step foot in a church. And if you’d like to order some discs in bulk for your church or ministry, please feel free to contact me anytime. Once they’re ready, we’ll be offering them super-cheap because we just want to get them into the hands of people who need Jesus Christ.

Jake Hunter and Rick Via getting set up to record some sweet spoken word.

The ever-smiling Stuart Clark on bass

Timmy Tim Tim Morrison on drums – buries the click every time

“Sick-riffs” Andrew Cherry on lead electric

Scotty Spruill – the gift and the ministry of the pad!