What Knowing God Means

What Knowing God Means

One of my favorite pieces of Christian literature is the classic Knowing God by J.I. Packer. I read it in seminary, but recently picked it back up as a refresher.

The other day I flipped to page thirty-seven where Packer succinctly summarizes what it means to know God. I found it incredibly helpful, and maybe you will as well.

What knowing God means:

1. Listening to His Word – It means receiving it as the Holy Spirit interprets it, in application to yourself. Reading without applying does no good. Anyone can read it. But not everyone applies it. It requires being in tune to the Spirit as you read, and allowing Him to illuminate your heart and mind.

2. Noting God’s nature and character, as His Word and works reveal it – What we know about God is revealed in Scripture and through his handiwork. Out of this revelation, knowing God means that we respond appropriately to what we know about Him. I love the response by many of Old Testament individuals who, when God revealed Himself to them, their initial and natural response was to fall on their faces in worship.

3. Accepting His invitations and doing what He commands – Our pastor, Jimmy Carroll, talks about this often. It’s about saying “yes” to Jesus every time. Not out of obligation. But simply out of a love relationship with Jesus. When you hear His voice, you simply act. You simply say yes.

4. Recognizing and rejoicing in the love that He has shown in thus approaching you and drawing you into this divine fellowship – I think it’s important to remember that the terms of relationship always stem from God. God always takes the initiative in this relationship. Scripture says in Romans 3 that no one seeks for God. We are incapable of finding Him. He finds us. And it’s in that truth that we rejoice. We rejoice that He calls us, He draws us into divine fellowship.