When Admiration Turns South

When Admiration Turns South

What happened between this verse,

When David came to Saul and entered his service, Saul admired him greatly, and David became his armor-bearer. (1 Samuel 16:21)

and this verse

So Saul watched David jealously from that day forward. (1 Samuel 18:9) ?

Early on in Saul’s relationship with David, Scripture says that he admired David. So much so that David became his armor-bearer–his personal assistant–his closest ally. Perhaps he saw some traits in David that reminded him of who he once was, or what he wished he could be. Maybe he admired the things in David that were lacking in himself. But whatever it was, it didn’t last long.

What began as love and admiration soon turned to hate and jealousy. David was better looking. David was perceived by the people as being more heroic. David had the people eating out of his hands. On and on the list went. And Saul began to see himself quickly losing his hold on the kingdom.

As I studied this story this week, I was challenged to guard against this type of attitude. Because I realize how easy it is to adopt–how simple and easy it is to fall into this trap. So, let’s be careful to guard against admiration that leads to jealousy and hatred. Thank God for how He has gifted those around you–other believers–colleagues–family members. And don’t let admiration turn to jealousy!