Windy Gap

Windy Gap

The week with Gaston Christian School turned out awesome. We just returned this afternoon from a few days’ getaway at Young Life’s Windy Gap Camp just north of Asheville, NC. Had an awesome time. The first night Tasha and I found a rubber python under our pillows. No one would fess up. I thought it was a pretty sweet prank. Tasha didn’t much care for it.

The Lord did some really cool things in the lives of the students. Over 200 high school students were there ready for God to speak. Austin Rammell, pastor of Hardin Baptist Church, one of the fastest growing churches in Gaston County, was the speaker for the week. It was awesome to renew the friendship Austin and I had back in Virginia when we were students at Liberty University.

Last night was definitely a major highlight. After a powerful message by Austin dealing with pride and humility, many of the students stayed around for at least another hour dealing with sin in their lives on their knees in prayer as we led in an unsolicited and unplanned time of extended worship. The Lord was gracious and worked mightily in many of the students.

Thanks to all of the staff, parents and students at GCC for an awesome week. And thanks Wes for having us back.

Currently Listening To: Chronicles of Narnia on CD. We listened to Books 1-3 on the way up to and back from Windy Gap. Holy Sweet Goodness, Jack Lewis was a genius!