Great kickoff to the new Journey Church series “Forgotten God”–a series on the Holy Spirit. It’s gonna be a killer series. One of the best highlights of Pastor Jimmy’s message:

  • The Holy Spirit is a person, not a thing. So, you don’t receive Him in installments!
We worshiped to:
1. Freedom is Here (Hillsong)
2. Let Praise Be Heard (Journey Worship)
3. Fall in This Place (Planetshakers)
4. Sweep Me Away (Charlie Hall)

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  1. Fred Broome says:

    just finished that book last week. here's an illustration I use with our students:
    If I told you that LeBron James came to dwell inside my body…what would you expect? You would expect that I would be an incredible bballer. What if I told you that and I was still terrible? You wouldn't believe me. Get the correlation?

  2. Jeremullet says:

    Great book. Jenn and I read it a while back when it first came out. Just led a small group through it. Chan has a way for changing your perspective through the Word. I am a bit jealous I can't come to journey on Sundays. Tell Smooth to put the messages online asap.

  3. Thanks for the post. I was quite confused about this issue, however your post has cleared it up 🙂

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