Chad and future events

Chad and future events

So, I’m not sure what a blog is, but it seems to me that it is shorter than my epistles. (Please educate me). Therefore, I will write another blog about future events, and keep things separate.

Dad has been busy writing emails and trying to get the trip set for Chad. If you would pray with us to where the Jesus film is to be housed. Of course, it was promised to the little church in Adre, but he is thinking that possibly the film should be under the supervision of the missionaries there, preferably Westerners.

Thursday I have an all day Bible Study training. I am excited/nervous. Feeling so inadequate and like the new kid on the block.

Sunday we are having a couple over after church. We met them in our Community Group. He is a doctor, so they probably live in one of those huge, spacious homes outside of town. (Welcome to our mountain cabin.) Anyway, we are looking forward to getting to know them better.

I better stop, or this will get too long too.