Two Tenors, etc.

Two Tenors, etc.

Okay, I have waited all day to sit down and spend some time with you. This is oh so cool. I had to get everything on my list checked off (well, almost everything), and this was my reward. I’m loving the stories, the pictures, and just hearing what’s going on.

I must say that Monday was a big day for the Repass family. So glad that Alex’s first day was so good, and that now we know (maybe, sort of) whether Deedee is going to have a boy or a girl.

The picture of Joy with Areyna and Zeke was so cute.

Dana, I’m glad that the trauma of your team was possibly short circuited.

Last Sunday we had two guys (The Two Tenors) at church. One of them is about Dad’s and my age. Besides singing (he has an operatic), he also plays the piano and arranges music. The other one is a senior in high school. Besides singing, he also plays trumpet, guitar, banjo, and who knows what else. They sang in the morning services and had a concert in the evening. When they came out in the evening, the older guy (Barry Craft) was wearing a tux with tails, and the younger one (Jacob Taylor) was wearing jeans and a sport shirt. Obviously, Barry has a richer more mature voice than Jacob, but what a team. It’s like Barry is mentoring Jacob, and the results are wonderful. We really enjoyed it.

This past Sunday was also the first Sunday for Mark Bates, our new pastor. It will be interesting to see what changes we are in for.