Flame Resistant

Flame Resistant

Zeke holds a special affinity for his superman jammies … well, more accurately any kind of hero-related outfit. And when he puts them on, you better believe he takes his role of crime-fighting seriously. And since I’ve officially been dubbed the Green Goblin since his last stay at Meme and Poppie’s house (hmmm…what did you guys watch while they were there?), I’m usually the target of his evil-thwarting escapades.

As I was helping him get ready for bed a few days ago, trying to fend off punches and kicks while simultaneously attempting to maneuver his flailing limbs into the tiny holes they call sleeves, I happened to glance down at the tag and laughed out loud. I guess I can find a little humor anywhere, and this was no exception. But I don’t think I’ll be letting Zeke know the power that lies in his little blue polyester pants. Because with great power comes great responsibility.

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  1. Tasha Via says:

    I love that!

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