Flashback Friday: My Patient Girlfriend

Flashback Friday: My Patient Girlfriend

My incredible wife turned 29 yesterday! I was out of the blogging world all day yesterday, and for good reason – we were hanging out together!

(Dan and Raina, thanks for watching the kids for us last night. We owe you one!)

It was a love for music and worship that brought us together while in college at North Greenville College, in the smallest town on the map, Tigerville, SC. We met while playing together in our BSU praise band, and from there it led to more opportunities to lead worship together, a beautiful courtship, and now a family and a ministry.

She put up with a lot in those early days. Here’s a small list I’ve compiled as I sit here and think about how incredible she was (and still is) to endure my idiosyncrasies.

Top 10 Things Tasha Put Up With:

1. My terrible communication skills.

2. The fact that I frequently fell asleep on the phone during life-altering conversations about our future together, God’s will, and small stuff like that.

3. My tendency to wax philosophical after just coming out of Systematic Theology.

4. An absolute love affair with Ramen noodles.

5. A dorm room bed whose sheets hadn’t been washed in 3 semesters (thankfully, this information was never disclosed until after the wedding ceremony – of course, this was intentional).

6. My one pair of jeans that were never washed.

7. My ’94 Mitsubishi Eclipse with NO defrost – the speculation and talk that must have went on as we pulled onto campus with foggy windows – not helpful for 2 kids trying to demonstrate pure lives in front of peers!

8. The fact that our fanciest dates were Sunday’s “Wear a Tie for Roast Beef and Potatoes” day in our school cafeteria.

9. The blank stares and courtesy responses she received from me immediately following her music theory classes (“sure babe, counterpoint, mmm hmm, yea… theme and variation … right… mmm hmmm….”)

and finally,

10. My nasty, unwashed, dreadlocks!

Tasha, you’re a very patient woman. Thank you for almost 6 incredible years of marriage! I love you more today than ever. Thanks for joining me in this journey together. Now, let’s go to Oak Island, NC and continue our ministry together at this winter retreat!

We would appreciate your prayers for the students that we minister to this weekend at Fort Caswell Baptist Camp – that the Holy Spirit will work in their lives in a powerful way. Thanks so much.