Free Demo – "Broken"

Free Demo – "Broken"

I just uploaded a new demo today called “Broken.” You can hear it on our MySpace. Or you can download it by going here. It was one of those songs that just kinda came out of nowhere and had no particular person in mind when I wrote it. But maybe somebody out there needs it. Maybe I’ll need it myself someday. Go download it and let me know your thoughts.


While the tides of change keep rising on this world’s shore
And the waves of pain keep crashin’ on your front door
And the tears You cry never clarify
Why the world seems blind to the Hell inside
Oh, it’s hard to see through a broken heart

It was a bitter storm that weathered hard inside you
And these hollow caves you call your eyes remind you
That where bitterness and hatred rest lies a ticking bomb and an early death
Oh, it’s hard to see through a broken heart

Oh, and you can’t see the light
Cause your faith is lost in sight

While these sands of time keep droppin’ in a straight line
And your heart of stone keeps sweatin’ for a mainline
Brother, don’t lose heart, there’s one who knows
He’s the Great High Priest and the King of old
Oh, and He died alone with a broken heart
And He died alone to heal your broken heart

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  1. The Martins says:

    as usual…genius

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