G’ville recap and Internet Sabbatical

G’ville recap and Internet Sabbatical

Well, my week in Greenville, SC turned out really well. After a week of daily mission projects and then leading worship each night, I’m officially spent. It was great spending some time with my old friend, Cameron Wooten. The Lord is using him greatly there at Bethel Baptist Church and in the G’ville area. It’s amazing to see how the Lord has completely healed him from Leukemia over the past 2 years–an incredible testimony to God’s grace–and is now using him to pour into the lives of students. Thanks, Cam, for the invite, bro. Loved it. Your students are awesome.

And now, I’m gonna be taking a short break from all things internet beginning today. Lately I just feel like I’ve wasted so much precious time, and after a full summer on the road I told Tasha today that I feel completely and totally drained–drained spiritually, mentally, and physically–like I have nothing left to give. So, I figured now would be as good a time as any to take a short sabbatical from the blogging, social-networking, and internet world, to try to get myself recharged through time with the Lord and my family. We’ve got one more week of camp next week with First Baptist Whitsett, NC in Myrtle Beach, and I want to give it all I’ve got for one more week. Thanks so much for your prayers and support during this incredibly busy and taxing, yet rewarding summer season. I love you all. jv

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  1. Jacob O'Neal says:

    Yeah man it was fun your awsome
    talk to 2 some time

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