Little Presents

Little Presents

Today Zeke has been making me presents all day. Though my birthday is still a week away, he doesn’t care. It’s a week-long, sometimes month-long celebration around here. Here’s a shot of one of the gifts. A matchbox car and a piece of train track. All taped together onto a card that had a torn out page from one of his coloring books that he said I could color.

Of course, I was thrilled. What father wouldn’t be?! To receive a gift from his 4-year-old son that he had spent quite a while taping together to make it perfect for his dad. I loved it. Sure, they were all things I had given him. But that didn’t matter. ¬†I still loved it. ¬†Because it was from his heart. And he simply wanted to make me smile.

I think God must feel the same way when we give Him our simple little offerings–little presents wrapped in various forms of worship.

We offer Him in the best way we know how gifts that, in reality, He’s already given to us.

And on our best day, these offerings are nothing more than the equivalent of scotch tape onto an envelope scattered with simple gifts–gifts that are His already.

But, o how He loves to receive them back from a heart overcome with nothing less than wanting to see His face light up–from eyes staring up in wonder and awe at our Father, hoping that He’ll be proud of our little offering.