Spiritual CPR – Book Review

Spiritual CPR – Book Review

I just finished reading Spiritual CPR by Todd Phillips, the pastor of Frontline at Mclean Bible Church. I’ve had the privilege of doing several events in Charlotte with Todd over the past few years, and have really come to love this guy. His heart for the lost is contagious.

This book answers the “why” behind the Great Commission.  Todd explains how most books on evangelism seek to answer the “what” question. What is the message we preach? They also tend to answer the “how” question.  How do I share my faith? What’s the step-by-step process? For Todd, however, his approach assumes that we’re already sharing our faith, or at the very least, know what we need to be sharing. That our faith is something we can’t keep to ourselves.  And on that assumption, he answers the why.

One answer he gives is that the joyous Christian life is only fully experienced as we are sharing our faith. The abundant Christian life that Christ intended for us is only truly realized as we are actively sharing our faith.  It only makes sense.  If it’s a message that has changed our lives, it’s a message that we must share.

Todd also explains in some detail his own story of redemption. That he was living as far away from God as he possibly could, and it was through the ongoing witness of a high school friend by way of multiple telephone conversations that brought him to Jesus. And as antagonistic toward the Gospel and toward his friend’s faith as he was, Todd’s heart was magnetically drawn to the Gospel through the patient perseverance of a witness.  His friend had no idea the impact he was having on Todd, because Todd refused to let on what was happening on the inside–something was stirring. The Holy Spirit was working.  And by that example, Todd encourages believers not to lose faith as they plant seeds in the hearts of people.  Because we may have no idea the impact that our witness is making.

I could go on and on about this book.  And I would typically give a slew of great quotes, but I lent it out to my Dad who is currently indulging it as we speak. So, the quotes will come later, when I get it back. Some day.

This is a must-read.