Take Your Place – How Has It Helped Your Walk With Jesus?

Take Your Place – How Has It Helped Your Walk With Jesus?

I can’t believe I let an opportunity slip by to talk about the release of Journey’s latest worship project Take Your Place when it came out almost two months ago. But I figure better late than never. It’s been a blessing to hear the testimonies of people at Journey and elsewhere who have been listening to the CD and allowing the Lord to speak to them through it. For sure it was a blessing to be a part of a project like this, but the real blessing comes when you start to hear the testimonies of people who are being encouraged, challenged, and brought closer to Jesus through it.

Here are just a couple that we’ve received lately:

hey…i wanted to pass on that my 4 little kids (8 and under) love the cd.  it’s so cute to hear them request their favorite songs from it, even knowing which number tract the songs are!  and all week, my 2 year old has been singing “nothing can seperate!”  ha!

anyhooooot…thought they might like to know that.  we are so greatful for their talents and that they are using them to help us worship the God who gave them those talents!  pretty cool!

Another one said this:

I didn’t know who to email, so I just emailed all of you!   I am one of the voices in the “choir” every Sunday. 🙂
We dowloaded the CD from iTunes when we got home yesterday and I just wanted to sat thank you.  Every song DRIPS with Grace and is much needed water for my soul.  “Have Your Way” just takes me to my knees!  Thanks for being transparent and vulnerable.
That’s dang exciting! From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to express thanks to all of the Journey Worship team for your amazing work on this project. You guys are a blessing to me and I count it a joy and privilege to be able to work so closely with you guys in this incredibly humbling and amazing ministry that we get to be a part of. Thanks for all you do.  I love you guys.
And for those of you who have heard the album and maybe have a story or two of how it has encouraged you, we’d love to know about it. Leave a comment here or feel free to email us at worship@takeajourney.org. Also, we’d love for you to leave a review on iTunes. Head on over  to http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/take-your-place/id545175606

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  1. Becky says:

    Hi Josh,

    My family has been attending Journey since the end of July. We bought the “Take Your Place” cd the Sunday it came out and we listen to it in the car every single day. My 12 year old daughter loves it (and loves Smooth by the way!) and every Sunday that you lead worship at Journey (including today) my husband will comment in the car going home how much he loves to hear you sing (huge compliment!) God is using you and the Journey Worship team in such amazing ways and I count it a wonderful blessing that God led us on our “journey” to this great assembly! By the way, every song is my favorite! Thank you for allowing him to use you in this awesome way!

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