The First, The Last on iTunes

The First, The Last on iTunes

It’s official! The First, The Last finally hit iTunes today.  Thanks to all you guys who have filled my inbox and tweetdeck with encouraging notes. And thanks for helping to make it to #27 so far in the Gospel music category on iTunes.  Pretty overwhelming actually.

This has definitely been one of the coolest and most humbling projects I’ve had the privilege of being apart of.  The guys who played on it are all sincere followers of Christ and good friends of mine.  My good buddy, Andy Cherry, who I had the privilege of co-leading worship with last night at CharlotteONE, helped me write and arrange many of the songs that you’ll hear on this record, as well as did all the lead guitar work. The Lord is using Andy in a powerful way in Charlotte, NC and he’ll soon have an album of his own in the next few months that you’ll definitely need to buy.  Check him out at Scott Spruill, who played keys on the record, is also a phenomenal worship leader and a great friend. The Lord is using him greatly at Hickory Grove Baptist Church north campus in Charlotte.  And whenever I can pull him away, I take him on the road with me! Stuart Clark and Tim Morrison are equally incredible musicians and lovers of God.  Tim recently moved to NYC pursuing a career in music and is doing quite well for himself. He often tweets about the joys of the subway system. Stuart plays alot with Andy Cherry these days.  You can find him every week laying down sweet bass grooves at CharlotteONE.  You’ll hear Sara Scott throwing in her amazing vocal talent in the mix on tracks 2 and 9. Sara is a good friend and local worship leader from Charlotte, NC.  Although, rumor has it that she has recently put down roots in Nashville, where I’m sure she’s gonna do just fine for herself.  Check her out at

And of course, the amazing violin parts that you’ll hear on the record come from none other than the incredibly talented Tasha Via.  Tasha is my best friend in the whole world.  She’s my life partner.  She’s my support. She’s my #1 fan. She’s my babies’ momma! And she’s my wife!  I’m so thankful that we get to do ministry together.  That is one of the most incredible blessings of my life, and one that I unfortunately often take for granted. (I love you, baby!) Hey, if you’re not already following Tasha’s blog, she’s an avid blogger and quite entertaining, I must add. It’s so funny to me how many people come up to me and say, “Hey, you’re Tasha Via’s husband! Yea, I follow her blog! She’s awesome.  Oh, it was sooo funny what you your kids did last week when they …. (fill in the blank)”  What’s really funny to me is how many dudes follow her blog.  I had a guy worship leader last night at C1 tell me that they follow her! Ha! That cracks me up!

Well, again, thanks so much for everyone’s amazing support of this record.  My prayer is that it will help incite some very meaningful moments of personal worship for you and perhaps act as a catalyst to bring others into the Kingdom of God. Please pray that the Lord will use it in that way! Love and blessings. .josh.

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  1. Tasha Via says:

    I love you sooooo. I love you sooooo. (I’m singing it…can you hear me?)

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