Toys Lie Still and What about Election?

Toys Lie Still and What about Election?

Magic Motion Mondays takes a back seat when we don’t have the kiddos. Tasha and I head out tomorrow for Weaverville, NC at the Young Life camp out there. We’ll be ministering to a group of high school students from Gaston Christian School – should be an awesome week. Pray for us if you get the chance. All that to say that the kids are in Virginia with my parents this week terrorizing the Via house. Thanks for taking care of them, Mom. I suppose Tasha and I could video us sitting around staring at their toys lying deathly still, but how truly sad that would be indeed!

On another note. I’m currently reading the journals of Jim Elliot (Dad, I stole it off your shelf while you were out preaching last night).

I love his comments on 2 Timothy 2.

“And those who are arguing about foreknowledge, election, and such – read those verses 14-26 and then look how the apostle is willing to leave it a paradox (vv. 25, 26). ‘God gives repentance’ and ‘they recover themselves.’ Yes, yes, I’m naive and glad to be so in such a case” (January 19, 1948).

I stand naive with Jim. I’d rather be out telling people about Christ than joining in endless theological debate at Showmars. Or worse, wondering who the elect are and whether it would be a waste of my time to tell, seeing as Mr. so-and-so couldn’t possibly be one of them anyway – another form of debate – a debate of the mind that I always lose when the debate begins. Forget the debate. Be naive.