Rescue is Coming

Rescue is Coming


Yesterday was a monumental day for us as the Via family. It was one year to the day that I stepped off the plane at RDU International airport with Shabila Naikoba in my arms. This frightened, uncertain little girl is now our Alethia Grace, and is a thriving, vibrant, life-loving little blossom of a girl. We could never have predicted the way she has beautifully and smoothly adapted into the rhythm and life of our family. Granted, it’s not as if this past year was without its difficulties. No doubt there have been many. Many changes. Many firsts. And many new normals. But the grace of God has gone before us in ways we never could have imagined to allow this year to be beautifully and melodically arranged into a symphony of His grace. We cannot thank the Lord enough for His mercy and grace to allow us to bring our sweet little girl home in the midst of the most uncertain of outcomes. God was and is and does continue to prove Himself faithful.

As I write this, however, my heart cannot help but hurt and ache for my brother Smooth and sister-in-law Kelly. They have hit the same stalemate that we did at the US Embassy in Kampala regarding the issue of an orphan visa; however, theirs is wrought with much more uncertainty, vulnerability and urgency. I will let you head over to and read for yourself the details. But the short of it is this: After over a year of setbacks, the orphan visa that they were applying for has been completely and utterly denied. Now, they have been forced to make a difficult decision. Well, in reality, Smooth told me it wasn’t a difficult decision at all. He said, “Who wouldn’t do whatever it takes to bring home a daughter who is legally theirs?” And what is that decision, you ask?  They have decided to pack up their family of five and move to Uganda, Africa where their Chloe eagerly awaits her family. They have decided to live in Uganda indefinitely until they can apply for a full adoption visa–a process that normally takes about three years.

chloe2As I sit here and contemplate the gravity of their decision, and the sacrifices they are making to bring Chloe home, I’m overwhelmed by the resolve and complete rest in the sovereignty of God that they are displaying. And it’s not a front. It’s obvious. It runs deep. They are completely resting in the great plan of God–that He is telling a story of redemption and rescue that beautifully depicts the story of the Gospel in a way I’ve never experienced so closely and personally.

Smooth and Kelly, as I was praying for you guys this afternoon, the Lord showed me 2 Corinthians 9:10, and that became my prayer for you guys. It says

“He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.”

I firmly believe that the trials and storms that you guys have faced over the past year-and-a-half are quite literally becoming the multiplying seed that you will use for sowing. And as you continue to sow this seed–the seed of your faithful and relentless pursuit of your little girl–it is going to grow and increase the harvest of your righteousness. I truly believe that the increase will happen beyond our comprehension. That a church (or churches) will be planted in Uganda because of your faithfulness to move there. That literally hundreds of Ugandans will find new life in Christ because of your obedience. And that the telling and retelling of your story will result in the changed lives of families and individuals the world over.  That this great depiction of the Gospel story will not return void. And without question, the life and future of the little girl you call Chloe will forever be gloriously changed and altered as she finds safety, rest and solitude in the rescuing arms of her mom and dad. To God be the glory!



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  1. Smooth says:

    Love you, Fro.

  2. Janet Via says:

    Thank you Josh for this beautiful post. I believe with all my heart that this is true. That God is using their story to the greater good…a story of redemption and rescue of lost souls. I love you son and am so very thankful that Alethia Grace is yours, is ours, is His.

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